I’m an avid hiker, logging more than 1,000 miles a year in the mountains of Santa Barbara. I’ve hiked, biked, run, unicycled, barefooted and even used jumping stilts to traverse these trails. When I’m not on the trails, I’m thinking about them.
My goal is to draw more people into nature and I do so by detonating massive, colorful yarnbombs in the mountains. The date and location are kept a secret until the last minute. Each installation exists far from civilization and for just 9 days before being removed, leaving nothing in their wake aside from lots of photos and even more fond memories.
Once a year, I invite artists from around the world to collaborate with me on a particularly large installation. For each of these projects, I knit/crochet roughly 400 square feet of material by hand, with the remaining material being contributed by fiber artists around the world.
The sense of community that has developed among all of us, is what keeps me coming back for more. It’s that connection with my collaborators, the volunteers who surprise me by showing up to help with the installations and the hikers who happen upon them that makes the whole endeavor so uniquely magical.
Just a simple, beautiful analog endeavor that, for an instant, overpowers an increasingly cynical, digital world. The “Whoas!”, “Wows!” and smiles that instinctively interrupt deep conversations and exhaustive panting as hikers turn the corner and see them for the first time, serve as evidence of the power of the installations.
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